With thanks to Arnside House for the location of the WebcamPicture Credit: Chris Tomlinson

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This is news I'd rather bury on page 6, but it has to be up front and centre,
As you know the cafe has been closed since the beginning of COVID. We are sorry, but we are not in a position to reopen it at the moment.
Sorry for the inconnvenience.

As ever, sincere thanks for the support you have given to our click and collect and delivery service.

Have you ever wondered what the signs at the end of the pier say?
Times from Barrow minus a minute
Times from Preston, add a minute.

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This happens approximately 2 hours before HW High Water point. The size of the bore and the exact time does depend on the strength of wind from the South West and the depth of the tide.

I came across this video made in 2001. Filmed during an exceptional tide at the end of January. I does show how the sea defence wall has been needed, even if only on a handfull of occasions.
The wall was contructed throughout 1998. Surprising how little information is available online.

The BBC One Show team celebrate Christmas with upto 50 Ukranian refugees who have seeked shelter with Arnside residents since May of this year.

The team sent thanks to the whole village, and explained that although they have not been able to feature everyone they spoke to, regardless of your appearance in the final film, they are so thankful for the time you gave them and hope you enjoy the end product.

Was it A Meteor or Space Junk?.
On the 14th September 2022 a large fireball was seen in the skies of Northern England. Was it a meteor or was it just space junk burning up in the atmosphere. We were very fortunate to catch a few seconds of it on the webcam. It starts with the reflection on the water, then the object came in to view.

The Great British Railtour continues 28/04/2022 .

Leander and Bahama returning to pick up passengers 28-04-22 Arnside Viaduct.

34046 BRAUNTON crossing the viaduct August 2021.
A short pan around the bay after our recent snow flurry.
This Video was recorded during Easter 2020
Welcome to the NEW webcam overlooking Arnside Pier.
We have been a long while without one, but now we have a new dome, fully movable camera. Hopefully you will enjoy the views.

We have set it up to focus on 4 areas along the promenade. We can alter these to suit conditions. Please email and let us know what you think.

If the feed goes down, it won't be for long, please be patient.

I know some people have problems viewing the camera, click HERE for some information.